Case study: Supporting PriceSpider’s acquisition of ORIS

Frontier portfolio company, PriceSpider, is a leading provider of consumer conversion and brand integrity software as well as data analytics solutions. The company’s technology gives shoppers easy access to products and offers brand manufacturers an optimized path to increased sales. They already work with global consumer brands such as Procter & Gamble, Bosch, Nestle, Kraft, and Sony to name a few.

When Frontier initially partnered with PriceSpider, the company was a rapidly growing, entrepreneurial business with an emerging leadership position in consumer conversion optimization technology. They also had a vision to become a much broader platform enabling brands to fully optimize their consumers’ paths to purchase.

With aggressive growth targets, we recognized that an acquisition could potentially accelerate PriceSpider’s ability to achieve its full potential. It could offer the opportunity to deliver in both financial and strategic terms.

Developing a tailored list of strategic acquisition targets

After identifying key categories for product-line extensions, Frontier began assembling a list of possible acquisition targets offering complementary products in areas of tangential overlap. This would allow for valuable cross-sell opportunities to PriceSpider’s existing customer base.

The long list exceeded 70 companies. We tiered them in terms of possible fit and compiled detailed target profiles on each. Working with PriceSpider’s leadership team, we narrowed the list and our sourcing team began active outreach to priority targets.

We found a complementary product fit in ORIS Intelligence. ORIS specializes in helping brands preserve pricing integrity through monitoring pricing inconsistencies and unauthorized sellers across online channels. The ORIS solution neatly complemented PriceSpider’s strength in consumer analytics with its market-leading “Where to Buy” solution.

PriceSpider acquired ORIS in July 2019.