Adding value, creating efficiencies

The deal added value in a number of areas, including revenue acceleration, efficiency savings, and talent enhancement.

After integrating the two organizations, both have seen cross-sell opportunities in each other’s customer bases. In addition, integrating their data collection infrastructures has driven efficiencies and savings in data costs. It has also significantly improved the overall depth of data provided within PriceSpider’s products. And executives from ORIS have joined PriceSpider’s leadership team, strengthening the talent across sales, product, and engineering.

Ultimately, the acquisition further established PriceSpider as the clear leader in empowering brands to sell more by leveraging actionable insights and tools that optimize consumer conversion.

In less than 12 months since the acquisition, the combined PriceSpider platform has accelerated new bookings momentum by around 70%. In addition, gross retention has improved by more than 200 basis points. This has all been catalyzed by the strategic synergies from the ORIS acquisition.