01. Developing a focused go to market strategy

Clearwave’s founders built a remarkable business from scratch. But the team was trying to compete in over 20 healthcare segments and spreading an already small, cash-strapped sales team too thin.

The first area we worked with the leadership team was in developing the business’s go to market strategy.

Specifically, this was around clearly identifying “who we sell to” – the few target segments we were going to dominate. These were not the large hospitals as might be expected but in specific mid-sized clinics who want to streamline operations and deliver a better patient experience. These had the clearest need and would enable Clearwave to quickly demonstrate the significant value it could offer.

02. Building a more effective, more robust sales team

Once we had identified our target segments, we turned our focus to “how we sell.” Clearwave had a small sales team that was highly entrepreneurial but which, like many growth-stage companies, lacked focus and capacity.

To address this, we worked with the leadership team to put in place core foundations for accelerated success. We helped them create clear territory plans, success metrics, processes, training programs, and KPIs. This enabled sales to operate more effectively, establish best practices, and scale its efforts.

With the clarity provided by the go to market strategy, the business was able to identify and invest in the additional resources it needed and hire the right kind of team to deliver on the strategy.

This led to a 5x increase in team members which now include phone representatives that are partnered with field sales teams to further accelerate growth. Ultimately, this combination of a more focused strategy and increased sales resources provided the foundation to grow bookings by 120% in just 12 months.