No two growth-stage businesses are ever the same. Their individual markets, objectives, and histories make each one unique.

As already successful companies, every business we work with is building on solid foundations—they’ve got people who’ve created outstanding products, generated impressive revenues, and pushed the envelope of innovation.

As they enter the next stage of growth, however, many find that the skills, structure, and team that got them to where they are often need some adjustment to get the business to where they want it to go.

Frontier’s Talent Team exists to help our companies’ CEOs get the right people, in the right place, at the right time, performing at the highest levels.

Behind you all the way

Our team acts as a support our portfolio company leaders can call on for anything to do with human capital.

For some, this may involve identifying the best organizational structure for the business to maximize its performance. For others, it’ll be about implementing learning and development programs to help their people reach their full potential. And for some, it’ll be focused on making some key hires to take the business forward.

Importantly, we begin every engagement with an open mind, a blank sheet of paper, and no preconceptions.

While every assignment is different, our work typically centers around three core competencies: establishing best practices around HR and recruiting, helping companies with key development initiatives, and working with CEOs and leadership teams to help them hire the people they need to power growth.