When you get the right executive talent in, there’s just a domino upgrade effect on the rest of the business. I’ve hired a CFO and a CRO, and Frontier was right by my side in helping me identify the right people.

Alison Galik, CEO, Dinova

Helping establish best-practice HR

High-growth software businesses work at speed. But with the rush to grow and a drive to get ahead of the market, establishing effective HR operations can often take a back seat. Yet, most CEOs would agree, the business will ultimately succeed or fail because of its people.

We help our companies adopt best-practice approaches covering:

Organizational structure and design—so they can structure and position the business for growth

Interviewing—core skills to enable our companies to run effective interviews that align candidates with the demands of the business

Onboarding—to get new hires up to speed and making an impact fast

Executive-level recruiting—to help our companies access the top management talent they need to accelerate growth

Acquisition due diligence—delivering an organization assessment of potential acquisitions and identify where our support could help them meet their growth objectives